Weekend Getaway

Goodie is the sole proprietor of Goodie’s R&B Soul Bar in Fukuoka city. On any given day you can find him serving drinks and entertaining his guests while the smooth grooves of the likes of Marvin Gaye, Barry White, or the Temptations fill the room. The front door is located underground and is accessible via a short staircase that opens onto the sidewalk. Curious passersby like myself may wander in on occasion, but it’s Goodie’s buddies and locals who frequent his establishment. Goodie serves his cocktails with large cubes of ice that are his signature.

The first time I passed Goodie’s I was curious to see a statue of James Brown outside at the sidewalk level. Upon entering his dive bar, I discovered a meticulously decorated interior. There were concert posters, album covers, and movie posters from years gone by covering the walls. Goodie collected all of the memorabilia himself. His album collection is quite impressive, but not as much as his Soul & R&B acumen. Goodie spent nearly ten years in America and he reminds me that he knows Pasadena, and Santa Monica well. I was most impressed, however, when he told me that he knows Crenshaw very well too. Some of his prized possessions include autographed photos with the legendary James Brown.

On any given weekend I tried to visit Fukuoka city. No weekend getaway was ever satisfactorily spent until I ventured into Goodie’s and had a drink. Only then could I say that I truly enjoyed my weekend away from Korea. This is because Goodie’s affinity for Soul and R&B music is genuine and I could appreciate that.

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