Unexpected Expectations

“We’re beings toward death, we’re … two-legged, linguistically-conscious creatures born between urine and feces whose body will one day be the culinary delight of terrestrial worms.”  -Dr. Cornel West

I just read that someone lost a friend who had died unexpectedly which prompted me to write the following post.

Dying is inevitable. I expect it to happen. But I do not know when. Nobody knows. This aspect of my existence propels me to act, live now. So it is and should be for everyone.

How do I want others to remember me? Even if I am not remembered by many still what will my legacy be? I should ask myself and so should everybody else.

Even if I do not make proclamations or announce my wishes I still feel that my decisions bring me closer to my intended goal — at least I hope so. When I act I strike out against death as if to say: “Not today. Today is for living!”

My experiences leave me more experienced (needless to say), confident in some areas, and wiser. Yet these experiences do not always satisfy me. It’s when they do not that I simply have to look away and seek a new adventure, job, or journey. Or I may as I have done in the past just triy to look closer to find an aspect that I have neglected and begin to refine it. I’d liken these endeavors to those of a body builder who in pursuit of the best body decides to work on his triceps, or gastrocnemius muscles.

In writing this my goal is to make use of technology, connect with other people around the world, and leave a lasting record of my travels. Through this project I can learn about myself and gain a sense of accomplishment too.

On the subject of death…

Dying is inevitable. It is what we do with our time that matters. I cannot quote him directly, but I think Steve Jobs said that.

I think of my grandmothers words –however cliche or universally known and accepted they may be– they are still hers. She said: “count your blessings.”

That is exactly what I am going to do here:

Blessing #1) 5 of the 6 people who combined to create me are still living! Only my maternal grandfather has passed.

Blessing #2) I am able-bodied even though I feel too lazy to get out of bed sometimes.

Blessing #3) Like Kendrick Lamar reminds us all to do “I” love myself.

The list can go on, but I am satisfied with these three points. Oh! Simply being alive is a blessing since all things are possible there after.

With that said, I am going swimming!

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