I read a wordpress post last night that piqued my interest in an island that I can get to within an hour and a half of travel. I decided to go there today, however since I did not check the weather report which I rarely do otherwise I had no idea what to expect. There was an overcast so perhaps this should have been my first sign to stay indoors. Mother Nature had her say and it was not auspicious.wpid-20150630_143012.jpg

The island is called Seonyudo which translates to something along the tlines of “this little island is so beautiful even God admires it”. At least that is what other bloggers say it means. With my heart set on visiting this island I took the local bus from the university then to the bus terminal where I boarded a bus bound for Gunsan.

After a short 30 minute ride to Gunsan I exited the bus and asked where to catch the #7 bus to the ferry terminal (연안여객터미널).


Although I waited for the bus to arrive it took more than 10 minutes for the bus information to display on the screen. I thought for sure I was standing on the wrong side of the rode. Surely if the bus was coming they would at least tell me.

I crossed the street and then returned to the bus stop where  I saw the bus information finally. Great! Now all I have to do is wait another 24 minutes for the bus.


While waiting for the bus to arrive it began to rain. Although my heart was set on riding a bike around the island or even swimming at Seonyudo — that beautiful island whose beauty even God admires — Mother Nature did not allow for that adventure today.

I got back on the bus and retuerned to the university campus. At least I didn’t get too wet today.

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