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The article below reflects the reality that I lived in Korea for nearly nine years.

Four years ago, while living in Korea, I wrote…

After reading the article above and after watching a History Channel documentary about Albert Einstein today, I came to the realization that having a job in Korea does not equate to social acceptance. That is, just because I am a black man working in Korea does not mean that I can go by unscathed by discrimination or sexism. Actually, I see it everywhere. Job postings ask that you be female.  Students have private chats during which the word “Africa” is uttered. Koreans will overreact to seeing a person of dark complexion. They will damn near jump out of their skin!  I have experienced this on many occasions. Korea is a xenophobic country that practices discrimination in many ways. Although it is open to hiring people from different ethnic heritages, it is not one of the more liberal countries.

Recently, a colleague of mine sent me this video. I wholeheartedly agree with the opinions expressed within. Check it out.

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