The Doctor


20150218_114407After a month long visit to the Philippines, I flew back to South Korea, but not before a 16 hour layover in Guam. I chose a flight through Guam as it was my wish to include a visit to another country (territory) in my winter vacation of 2015. I recall seeing familiar American brands such as a K-Mart, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and every flavor of M&M imaginable on sale. Perhaps this was one consolation to the native people of Guam for having their island occupied, and rights stripped from them.

“Cheer up, guys! You can have all the M&Ms you want.” — The US of A

Although, I wasn’t impressed with the reminders that Guam is a US territory, I did, however, find it interesting that the US dollar is its currency. Up until that point, I had lived in Korea for eight years and had grown accustomed to using the Korean Won more than the US dollar. So I thought it cool to use the US dollar again outside the contiguous states for my first time.

20150219_002612With very little time to spare I made my way to the beach. I was traveling light as you can imagine. In my backpack there were only my clothes, toiletries, a pair of swim trunks, snorkel, and beach shoes. I found a safe place out of sight to change my clothes then went into the water. After frolicking for an hour, I had dinner and made my way back to city centre. A friendly taxi driver offered to be my personal cabbie. The idea was that he’d take me where ever I wanted to go, and wait for me. I took him up on his offer. He also suggested that I leave my bag in his car for safety. I again trusted him and he took me to a local beachside bar/club, a strip club, and the local mall.

Guam is a popular tourist destination for Japanese vacationers.

I wound up running into a local who needed some money to buy a taco. That’s when the evening picked up. His name was Chris and he had only one rule: “Don’t kill me and I won’t kill you.” It was late at night but the clubs were just about to open. To show appreciation for buying him a few tacos, Chris offered to take me with him into the local clubs. After an hour or so, I was inside one of the local hang out spots where I was introduced to the Doctor.

The Plaza Shopping Center, Guam

The Doctor was only his nickname and a misnomer at that. He was more into computers than medicine as I learned. The fact that I had only been on the island for a few hours and had found a way to a party for locals impressed the Doctor. Over the next few hours Chris, the Doctor and I exchanged Facebook info and parted ways. Chris dropped me at the airport, which was pretty cool of him. Once I met Chris, I no longer needed the taxi driver to carry bag.

By the time I left Guam, I made two new friends, swam at the beach, and crashed a party for locals. The sordid details of how I spent my time on Guam, interesting though they may be, will be left out of this journal. All in all, it was a good time had in Guam.

After that visit to Guam, the Doctor paid me a visit in South Korea.

The Doctor