WASP? (auf Deutsch)

https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LacaLaw2 Portugal ist schön. Es gibt Gebäude mit Wänden, von denen man erwarten würde, dass sie mit Farbe bedeckt sind. Kannst du dir das vorstellen? Denken Sie an die Fliesen, die Sie in Ihrem Badezimmer haben, und an Bilderfassaden, die mit ihnen bedeckt sind. Das ist Lissabon. Stellen Sie sich dann kleine quadratische Blöcke vor,…

Lisboa Eats

In Portugal, there were plenty of sweets to try. The national favorite is Nata. It’s made of a custard in a pie crust. It’s delicious and light. I had mine with an espresso which in Portugal is called a ‘cafe solo’. My cafe solo was served with cinnimon and it paired nicely with my nata….

Moorish Portugal

Portugal is littered with relics from the epoch when the Moors ruled the Iberian peninsula. The Castle of Two Moors is one of those locations.


Deutsche Übersetzung Klicken Sie hier https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LacaLaw2 Portugal is beautiful. There are buildings with walls that you’d expect to see paint on that have been tiled over. Can you imagine that? Think of the tiles you have in your bathroom and picture building facades covered in them. That’s Lisbon. Then imagine small square blocks used to…

Last Day in A Faro-way Place

After leaving my hostel at 7 or 8 am I headed out to see the sights and go to the boat dock. I was told that the boat would be the only option for me to travel to Marinha Beach. I walked around Faro and enjoyed the quiet morning. There is an old Moorish wall…