Final Hours in Lalibela

En route to the Asheten Mariam Rock Hewn Monastery this morning, I was delightfully accosted by two sisters who demanded that I wait for them to make their way up the mountain to meet face-to-face, politely shake their hands, and take their photos because they’re just too cute. I obliged. Thereafter I made my way… Read More

Ethiopian Beauties

On Tuesday I decided not to sleep in. This was not a problem because my night’s sleep at the Panoramic Hotel was quite invigorating. I awoke and went for a city stroll that unbeknowst to me lead into a round trip six hour hike to the hilltop monastery. When my legs could take me no… Read More

3 Reasons to Love Saudi Arabia

1. Supermarkets Bristol Farms, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, a farmer’s market and Target would have to combine forces to compare with the Sueprmarkets on steriods in Saudi Arabia. The international variety of goods is stunning. The choices of fruit, vegetables, juices, and meats are staggering. Oh! The cheeses and olives! 2. Gas It’s cheap! I think… Read More

Women on Love

Eartha Kitt on Love Maya Angelou on Love Nina Simone on Love Ruby Dee on Love Billie Holiday on Love Oprah Winfrey on Love Whoopi Goldberg on Love Lula Washington on Love Phylicia Rashad on Love