God References

Here is an article about religious references in Kendrick Lamar’s music. “Guess it’s evidence of divine presence” -Victory Lap “The world would not know Jesus Christ, if there was never Judas/ This knife that’s in my back’ll be the truth that introduced us.” – Bigger Than Life “I ain’t worried ’bout it, cus I know… Read More

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close It was a wonderful film. The woman said: “finding what this key opens will be a miracle.”  The relationship with his father ended, but his relationship with his mother began to flourish.  It was his grandfather all along. That his grandmother welcomed her husband back was special. I would have… Read More


Reflections The first month of the year, 2012 is coming to an end. During this month, I spent time with my grandfather in Las Vegas, and my mother and father in Los Angeles. I visited the strip club once, and the spa three times. My car needed new tires, an oil change, and serious work… Read More

It’s Always Special in L.A.

It’s Always Special in Los Angeles To bring in the New Year, 2011, I was with James Jung and Wesley Chen – friends of mine from elementary school, at the Los Angeles Lakers game on New Year’s Eve.  We had box seats. There was beer on tap, and free food galore. I paid $33 for… Read More

Coming 2 America 2011

Yesterday, James and I went to an ice cream parlor that makes weird and unusual flavors. I remembered the building from an episode of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods. I was thankful that I’d seen it. James was being a good tour guide. Across from this ice cream parlor was a vegan restaurant. I ordered a… Read More