What Would Koreans Do?

Throughout my time in Korea, which was nearly ten years, I observed Koreans doing things that my Western sensibilities misunderstood. Koreans would hike mountains at the summit of which they would toast their achievement with a bottle of Soju. At the time I thought this was a strange practice. Alcohol was the last thing one… Read More

Alfredo Sanchez Lives!

Alfredo Sanchez was sitting at the lunch table with four strangers — one of whom had nearly killed him less than an hour earlier. With that behind him, Sanchez was eager to sink his teeth into his meal. In one breath he uttered something in English. Then, his curiosity piqued when the Asian woman who… Read More

Today’s Revelations

The article below reflects the reality that I lived in Korea for nearly nine years. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/05/15/a-fascinating-map-of-the-worlds-most-and-least-racially-tolerant-countries/ Four years ago, while living in Korea, I wrote… After reading the article above and after watching a History Channel documentary about Albert Einstein today, I came to the realization that having a job in Korea does not equate… Read More

Miss Korea 2017

The title of this blog is intentionally misleading. No, I am not writing about a beauty pageant in Korea, which some might find interesting. Then again, there are those who would find a beauty pageant in Korea less interesting due to a plethora of cosmetically altered faces, lack of diversity, and overwhelming body-image complexes. Instead I… Read More

And Now This!

At the urging of a couple of my colleagues I have decided to embark on a new journey. Although Korea has been my home for nearly a decade I am 1) no longer willing to put up with my current housing arrangement, 2) afraid that if I continue working in Korea I will forego a… Read More

Ji Yun’s Journal

Beautiful Awesome Festival  I went to SeoDong GookhwaKKod (Chrysanthemum) festival hosted in Iksan yesterday. Because I had to go after the class, there was darken when I arrived. But it was very pretty and beautiful better than I expected. There was so many pretty Chrysanthemum and so many colorful light. There were many people who… Read More


Rome, Da Mi, and Su Jeong produced a video highlighting the challenges artists face. Both Da Mi and Su Jeong, artists in their own right, are ready to face those challenges head on. From the looks of their artwork, these two have the kind of work ethic that will help them succeed in the face… Read More

Student Stories III

In the video below Ji Seon Kim describes the life lesson her father imparted to her. The video was produced by my students, Dong Kwan Kim and Woong Bee Oh. Ji Seon is interviewed by Jae Ho Yang. My students were kind enough to name the video: The Larry Show!

HyeMi Yang’s Day

October 10th 2015 I live in a comfortable dorm these days, but hometown is in Jeonju. By train it takes 20 minutes to get to Jeonju from here. Although I did not intend to return home next week since it is test week, my mom beckoned me to come home. Early in the morning I… Read More

Are You Experienced by Jiho Choi

Over the summer vacation I went to Ansan Valley Rock festival. Out of three days I chose to attend the last day because I knew most of the bands performing on that day. In the afternoon Korean bands, Dear Cloud and Hyuk-Oh, performed. Their songs are brilliant, mystic and sentimental. I didn’t know rock music… Read More