Yams? No. Sweet Potatoes, Bitch!

If you find this blog title offensive that is because it was meant to be. Just as Dave Chappelle used an audio byte of Donnell Rawlins screaming “I’m rich, bitch” I want to make a proclamation about a different subject — one that has perplexed me for some years now. If you are like me then… Read More

Edo. Edo. Edo.

Over thirty years ago I remember playing with He-Man figurines and being one among my classmates who coveted the big red tricycle. Whose idea was it to purchase three small and slow tricycles, and one large ultra-fast tricycle? What a cruel joke to play on kindergartners. This was our first lesson in how unfair the… Read More

Telling Them Apart

While in Fukoka and walking around the city with Fuko, she confided in me that many Koreans looked noticeably alike. She could identify a Korean male mostly by his hair style.  This got me thinking about the observable fashion trends and even noticeable genetic traits that Asians share because I too think I can tell most Asians apart. The following… Read More


It was a very somber experience — visiting the memorial in Hiroshima. We made our way there via the Shinkansen, bullet train. We also spent our time at Miyajima, which conversely is a lovely destination. Finally, we ended upback in Fukuoka at Goodie’s, but not before having some delicious sushi at a local eatery. Photos… Read More

Soul, Afros, and B-Style — A Peripatetic Chronicler Discovers Fukuoka Again

In September I purchased a ticket on the Kobee ferry to Fukuoka, Japan. It cost me about $70 round trip. These tickets aren’t readily available however. If you visit the site you will find that many of the cheap ticket options are unavailable. I was in luck because my trip matched the date on which… Read More


Haneda to Shibuya — Cool describes my impression of Haneda Airport upon my first visit. Their helpful staff offered and provided excellent service. Smiling and giggling, they helped me get my train ticket and find the lockers. I did not need the extra maps and tourist information pamphlets though. My flight arrived around 2pm and my connecting flight… Read More