God References

Here is an article about religious references in Kendrick Lamar’s music. “Guess it’s evidence of divine presence” -Victory Lap “The world would not know Jesus Christ, if there was never Judas/ This knife that’s in my back’ll be the truth that introduced us.” – Bigger Than Life “I ain’t worried ’bout it, cus I know… Read More

Opportunity Cost

I read the following in a Cambridge International textbook. Opportunity cost is a very important concept in economics that refers to the cost measured in terms of the next best choice given up when making a decision. Every choice made has an opportunity cost because in most cases there is an alternative. Some examples of… Read More


How did it come to this? By this I am referring to this point in my life. It can best be characterized by the fact that I have listened to, followed, and watched the words and actions of people who have less education than I have. It is at this point that I have to… Read More

Mi Vida

I was born on the ninth day of October in the year of 1979. On that day in the year of 1446, the Korean alphabet, –Hanguel  — was created. In addition to my birthdate, I have many connections to the land of the morning calm. Aside from my birthday, I grew up in Los Angeles where the greatest… Read More

Oh! What A Night!

After finishing the last thirty minutes of 21 Jumpstreet, I’m left with the remnants of a great night. Here’s the play-by-play. I drove downtown. I would have liked to have parked near Caliente, the local restaurant and pub that serves decent Mexican food, but I missed my turn. Instead, I found myself somewhere I didn’t… Read More