The city of Beijing is the capital of China. There are 26 million people in Beijing city. I like Beijing city because, it has many kinds of food and many famous places. The famous places include Tiananmen square and the 798 art district. Beijingers use the subway, bus, or bicycle. Those modes of transportation are very cheap. Peking duck… Read More

Beijing (Part II)

“In the journeys of our lives, we spend a lot of time going from one place to the next. It is often described as ‘point A’ to ‘point B’. So often, the ‘to’ is devalued, or forgotten. How much of our ‘to’ do we remember, or cherish?” – Marvin Lee, French Train series, a part… Read More

Beijing (Part I)

“Beauty is everywhere. Mostly it is within you.”    – I did Backstory I was in Los Angeles a year ago when I applied for my visa for China. It cost about one hundred dollars and expires one year from the date of issue. With it American citizens can enter China for 90 days at a time…. Read More

Before Beijing Bound

It was two months ago that I decided to take this trip and bought my ticket. In June of last year I procured my travel visa for China, but with just one month before it expires I am putting it to use. It’s a shame. Really. Yet I am doing it and that is all… Read More