JESUS IN THE QUR’AN (Part One by Ahmad Maceo Eldridge Cleaver)

I regret that I am finally posting his words only after learning of his passing today.  In January 2018, I contacted my former colleagues in an attempt to publish their work at my site to help them gain exposure and drive traffic to my website. I was blessed to have worked alongside accomplished people who… Read More

Donde Dos Continentes Se Encuentran

Hace un mes, durante mis viajes por Europa, visité África. Estuve en Europa a la vez y una hora más tarde, estaba en África. Monté en el barco desde Tarifa a Tánger. Ayer, vi un video de YouTube y tomé esta foto. Pude ver y reconocer dónde había estado desde el espacio. vi un video… Read More

El Pueblo de Ronda

I had been on the journey to Malaga for two hours when I pulled into the gas station to fuel up. I had my sights on seeing the waters off the southern coast of Spain when I looked at my cellphone to check the distance I had to cover before I would arrive. I only… Read More


“If you were to visit just one city in Spain, it should be Granada.” –Ernest Hemingway  

Last Day in Barcelona

On my final day in Barcelona, I went on the tour of Salvador Dali’s museum in Figueras. Thereafter our tour group went to Cadaques where we toured Dali’s home. The day was one heck of an adventure as I had arrived late to the tour embarkation point and had to decide whether to forgo the… Read More

Last Day in Madrid

On my last day in Madrid I attended an event put on by Se Habla Español — an organization affiliated with the Instituto de Cervantes. Se Habla Español has led extracurricular tours of Madrid after class Mondays through Friday. On this day, we took in three art exhibits at Circulo de Bellas Artes before heading… Read More

Tarifa to Tangiers

Seeing Africa for the first time from Spain’s southern most city, Tarifa, was one of the little treats I enjoyed today. I also mourned the loss of Anthony Bourdain, in my own way, and celebrated his life by continuing to explore parts unknown in much the same way I imagine he would. I rode a… Read More