Breakfast in Cuba

In 2017, I visited Cuba twice and stayed with the same family both times. I paid to stay with them. This is a customary practice in Cuba. Homes that rent rooms to guests are called ‘casa particulares’. For an extra fee I was served breakfast each morning that included fresh fruit, eggs and cheese, bread,… Read More


One weekend in 2017 I visited Qatar. What I found surprised and wowed my senses. Here are some photos from that experience.

Oh-Man! Oman Was Cool.

Yup! Oman was cool because the culture and people were unlike any I had encountered in the Middle East. Coming from the most conservative country in the region, Saudi Arabia, I was surprised to find a Muslim country that did not require its citizens follow strict rules of conduct. Long Name:Sultanate of Oman Location:Middle East… Read More

Chincha Sour

Yojjana, a cute 21 year old caramel complected Chincha native, made my Chincha Sour behind the bar. It was delicious and sour as it should be. Perfecto! I drank with my driver, whose name I did not write down so I have since forgotten. He had fresh squeezed orange juice so as not to betray… Read More


I took a tour of Teotihuacan on Thursday. Today’s visit to the Museo Nacional de Antropología was more impressive because I had been there. At the museum there is an exhibit dedicated to this site.  The museum’s exhibit affords visitors the chance to view the site from a bird’s eye view. I was at the… Read More