Support for The Cuban People

In the kitchen, my host receives his English lesson.

During my stay in Cuba, I slept in a room at a home in Havana that was clean and well equipped with A/C and a fan. There was also a refrigerator stocked with six bottles of water which due to the heat I drank swiftly over my first couple of days. Breakfast was provided for an extra charge of 10CUCs per day. I stayed with the family for four days. The room cost me 30CUCs per night. The exchange rate is 1:1 with the USD. My accommodation ran me 160CUCs or 160USD for four days. The host family was gracious, helpful, and also interested in learning English. I offered to teach an English lesson in their home which they welcomed. I fulfilled my purpose of supporting the Cuban people during my stay.

Each day I was served coffee, fresh juice, fruit, bread, eggs and cheese.

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