The Doctor’s First Visit to Korea

A quick recap:

For starters, AJ aka The Doctor, and I had breakfast in Gangnam at Butterfingers Pancakes. Delicious. Next, we had coffee, wine, and a pastry at Marley Coffee. Again our taste buds were satisfied. Our night ended with us people watching at a cafe near Hongik University.

Cafe Coffine Gurunaru

From the couple sitting in the corner whose public break up before our eyes to the girls who came in and out of the cafe in ever short skirts our attention remained fixed on the dramas unfolding around us. Also, we can’t forget the couple of architecture students that remained in their seats studying while music blasted over the cafe speakers and this flurry of activity happened around them. All the while we watched these Koreans and shared our opinions on how we regard them. We imagined scenarios to explain what we witnessed. When two girls sitting two tables to the left of ours received the drinks they ordered, AJ and I bet each other that we could guess which girl ordered which drink. We both guessed correctly. Neither of us wagered anything. It was just a little game we played.

Getting to Hongik University

The height of today’s events include the moment when AJ was nearly killed by a speeding Korean. Although the stereotype that Asians can’t drive may be true about some people, AJ’s nearly getting hit was his fault and not that of the Korean behind the wheel of the speeding car. The driver slammed on the brakes to avert a collision with AJ. AJ was at fault since he was attempting to cross an eight-lane highway while speeding cars flew by in front of us. It was not my idea. It was the way things were done in other countries AJ explained to me.  Why not in Korea (or so he thought)? After the near miss, cooler heads prevailed.  When the traffic died we seized our chance, made it across the highway, and lived to tell the tale.

All Day

Throughout the day we commented on the constant attention Korean women paid to their appearance. Everywhere we went Korean women seemed oblivious to our presence and in many cases these women remained locked in their self grooming routines while remaining fixed on their reflections in handheld mirrors. We spent much of our day moving around the big city, taking in the sites, and admiring the beauty these women so meticulously worked to maintain. All the while AJ wondered and then commented something to the effect of “where are the ugly ones?” This was his reaction to the bevvy of beauties he’d encountered on this first visit of his to Seoul.

We went to the DongDaeMun Design Center too.

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