Riding in Cars with Girls I

My trip to Jeju island is coming to an end I have some time to reflect on my time well spent here. Most of that was spent riding in cars with Yunhee. She is my home-girl, and would be girlfriend if I had my druthers. But, I digress. She introduced me to several of her acquaintances. At other times she and I rode around the island, got reacquainted, ate together, and even swam. She and I met last in 2013.  On this trip I spoke in Korean. Yunhee flatters me with the comment: “you’re a genius”.

I nod and often say “네” which means ‘yes’ even when I do not fully understand what’s been said.

It helps to just say 네 and keep the conversation going. Unless of course, I don’t understand any of what has been said. That’s when I show my skills and utter: “이해 못 해요” (translated ‘I don’t understand’).

Everyone has been pleasant and warm.

Where I stayed there were few non-Koreans around. Most were Korean travelers on vacation who have no problem navigating the island with the help of Korean script maps and helpful information provided in Korean blogs. I was lucky to have Yunhee show me around. Perhaps I would have stayed in a hotel far from these parts were it not for her guidance.

♡ Yunhee.

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