Retelling of My Nagasaki Nightmare


I had a nightmare today. Parts of it stem from my trip to Nagasaki. I was in my apartment on what was a humid Sunday afternoon (July 7th, 2013). I slept for much of the day. At some point I must have begun to experience rapid eye movement because I was dreaming. The following is a retelling of the dream I had. It was a scary dream so it is probably best described as a nightmare.

It was nighttime. I was driving a car. My coworker was in the passenger’s seat.  We were having some sort of conversation, but I became irritated with the topic of our discussion. Perhaps it was a sense of paranoia that came over me, but I wanted to get out of the car. My coworker tried to convince me to remain in the car. It was at this point that I saw an fighter jet in the sky. It was preparing to drop bombs in our vicinity. I became so paranoid that I began to think that I was the target of the bombs. I saw that the fighter jets were flying overheard and that they were identifying targets. Being away from the car made me slightly more comfortable because I thought the car was giving off some signal. I remembered that my cellphone was in my pocket and I thought that my cellphone was also giving off a signal that the fighters in the jets were able to pick up. I thought that if I was the target of the attack that I would need to send messages to my family via my cellphone before I was killed. I frantically wrestled with my phone to send my mom, dad and whomever else I could send a message to before the bombs were dropped. Since I had been driving through a neighborhood when I stopped the car, I got out and ran to a home. I climbed the walls and tried to hide. The aircraft flew over the scene. Like a video game, I could see the trajectory of the bombs outlined in front of me. I knew that my car was a target for sure. I entered the house through a unlocked window and the residents awoke. I didn’t want to be shot so I ran out of the house only to be confronted by my coworker. Feeling unsafe, I ran away from my coworker. Sensing that my demise was imminent, I ran toward what happened to be the family who lived in the house. They had children. I ran toward the children, croutched down and grabbed them. I was a coward because I thought that if I would die that it would be better if others died with me. There were three children which I grabbed and held next to me. We waited for what I thought would be a nuclear bomb attack. I expected the intense heat to vaporize us instantly. Fearful, I waited longer.

It was at that point that I heard sounds coming from outside my apartment. I was brought back into the reality that I was not going to be killed and that there weren’t any military fighter jets flying above my head. Sweating slightly, I felt relieved.

This nightmare actually includes many real experiences from my life. The interpretation of the dream is unknown however. First, I am usually the designated driver when my coworker and I head downtown for happy hour.  Second, fighter jets fly over the university where I work every weekday. Third, I visited Nagasaki on my trip to Japan two weeks prior. The reference to bombs dropping would more than likely stem from that trip. Fourth, I use my cellphone to remain in contact with my family. All in all, I am happy this nightmare is over.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Wow! Good thing that you are safe son.

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