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Upon finishing the semester at Yeungnam University where I teach English, I was requested to change my students grades. I’m not one to dishonor a students request so I obliged. The most interesting request was that to change the grade to a n ‘F’ from a ‘B’. The student was not satisfied with his ‘B’ and believed that he needed more practice. It’s a strange request in my opinion because I was eager to leave college after a certain point in time. In fact, I spent seven years in college. Perhaps he hasn’t spent that much time in college and will gladly repeat one course. I, on the other hand, had to repeat several courses and was eager to get the hell out of there with a degree so help me God!

Well, tonight’s journal entry is about my discovery of beer and peanuts. “What!?” you might say. It’s true. I discovered the joys of beer and peanuts last night. Like Cristobal Colon ( aka Christopher Columbus, ahem) I discovered what has been widely known and enjoyed for a long time before me. However, today, I proclaim the beer and peanuts to be a vital part of life’s enjoyment. Now you’ve all been schooled. Carry on!

I enjoyed the beer and peanuts while watching Donald Glover perform in New York via YouTube. It was the show entitled ‘Weirdo’. I learned about Glover by watching Derrick Comedy on YouTube about three years ago. I was proud to see the black guy in that comedy troupe. Seeing him get his props in a live show was a treat. He’s a brilliant young dude. Yet as I see these young rappers, comics, and entertainers I start to wonder about my own ability to make people laugh or entertain them by rapping. When will I get my chance? I wonder to myself. Sure, I was in a movie at the age of twelve, but I don’t want that to be the peak of my career.

Tonight, I watched the Penn & Teller’s Magic and Mystery Tour from 2003 on YouTube. I love Penn and Teller. Those dudes are such brilliant philosophers that I enjoy watching them on BS! and a lot of the other stuff they’ve done. Seeing them humbled me. Although I’ve lived in Korea for nearly six years now, I have not been to China. Through watching their video, I was able to see parts of China that people don’t see on the usual tourist trip. However, it was quite enlightening. I enjoyed the beer and peanuts while watching them tonight too.

My beer of choice is Asahi. It’s a Japanese beer that tastes great! Heineken was not available at the local liquor store. Otherwise, I would have bought that.

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