¿Pura Vida o Vida Pura?

Pure Life — It’s the phrase that sums up Costa Rica. In Spanish it’s vida pura, because the adjective ‘pura’ goes after the noun. However, in Costa Rica, the Ticos and Ticas say Pira Vida. I even saw a store’s sign that read Pura Vida, so I think it works both ways. Though I’m thoroughly confused.

While at the airport I approached Mr. Herman Medford, photographer and nature tour guide, with whom I chatted for a while. When he isn’t giving tours throughout Costa Rica, Mr. Medford sells his photography prints at the Juan SantaMaria International Airport. Mr. Medford was born in the predominantly Afro-descendant community of Limón, and now resides in the capital, San José. Coincidentally, Mr. Medford is the father of Costa Rican superstar athlete, Hernán Medford!

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