International Afros

I take photographs of interesting people when I meet them. Even if I don’t meet them and I find them interesting I will still politely introduce myself and ask to take their photo. Sometimes I get rejected, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Luckily, these two gentlemen who sported some nice fluffy afros that caught my eye allowed me to photograph them.  I will continue to add to this post if I find suitable afros around the world!

Yeungnam University student, South Korea (circa 2013)

When I came across the gentleman in the photo above, I stopped him and asked if I could take his photo. Since I was in South Korea, I did not expect him to speak English. Although it became apparent that a language barrier existed between us, my intentions were clear to him when I pointed to my camera. I flashed him a peace sign which engendered his empathy toward me. I snapped away and thanked him. I remember him saying “it’s natural.” I sensed that he was proud and that he knew his choice of hairstyle was unique. I appreciated him for choosing the afro and for allowing me to take his photo. Though I did not get his name.

While out today, March 11th, I was introduced to this guy below who goes by “Willie.” His sensibilities are so American that I thought he was from Los Angeles like me. With no trace of a Saudi accent, Willie said: “I’m Saudi Arabian.” Though I was shocked, I knew that I would not let the opportunity to photograph him pass me by. I snapped three photos of Willie, and this is the one he approved of. Willie is fluent in Arabic and English. He attends Dammam University and is interested in studying Japanese and Spanish.

Waleed “Willie” Black, Saudi Arabia (March 2017)

While traveling through Ethiopia, Teme, one of my tour guides surprised me when I spotted him holding a sign reading my name at the airport in Bahir Dar when I arrived. To me his afro is reflective of Ethiopian pride and legacy.

Teme sporting a Blowout Afro in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, March, 2017

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