Peru Reboot


I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely country known as Peru. Times sure flies, because it will soon be a full two years since I was there in August 2015. This time around I have decided to ascend the Inca trail to reach Machu Picchu. Well, not exactly. I will ride a train instead of hiking for four days to reach one of the seventh wonders of the world.

I was inspired to return to Peru by one of my colleagues who is also making the journey there. It seemed like a good idea for me to choose Peru because I was familiar with the country. Sure, I publicly mentioned that I would climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on Facebook, but this trip seemed more appropriate. For one, I promised to return to Peru to visit my former teacher trainees. They probably began to think that I would not return. Another reason traveling to Peru seems appropriate is that anytime is apt for a trip to Machu Picchu. After all, it’s one of the seven wonders of the world.

So, I am setting off to visit Machu Picchu next. . .

Mount Kilimanjaro will have to wait.

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