Only For The Lonely

I was in the desert, making my way home

I lived in the desert, daily the sun beat down on my dome

There was an alley behind where I lived, On this day goats were there

The sight of a goat in my hood is rare


I decided to snap a photo

And one seemingly friendly goat approached me

His yellow and black eyes locked with mine as he studied me

His piercing gaze made me believe, that this goat was trying to communicate with me

I found myself caught in that moment between going inside my home to eat

And staying outside spending more time with this goat, when I thought of my feet


I snapped a photo of the goat that approached in a manner that was friendly

About the same time, I realized that the goat’s hoof was squarely planted on my Nike

Now the goat’s hoof was planted squarely on my new blue Nike Free sneaks

I imagined the goat said:

“Hey playa, what brings you around here?

Aren’t you a ways from home?


Am I standing on your new kicks? So, something wrong?”

Now I’m not in the habit of talking to animals, that’s crazy

So I just snapped the photo and went on my way

Later, that interaction made me chuckle

Especially because that disrespectful mofo

Made me feel like Buggin Out from Do The Right Thing

When he stepped on my shoe

Here’s the kicker

I would never have purchased blue laced blue sneakers in LA

Unwanted attention is what would come my way

But there I was thousands of miles away

And after fourteen days, Nipsey would be gone to our dismay