Oh! What A Night!

After finishing the last thirty minutes of 21 Jumpstreet, I’m left with the remnants of a great night. Here’s the play-by-play. I drove downtown. I would have liked to have parked near Caliente, the local restaurant and pub that serves decent Mexican food, but I missed my turn. Instead, I found myself somewhere I didn’t want to be, which was farther from the downtown scene. Anyhow, I parked. It was  a familiar locale since I’d been shown that place before by my ex-girlfriend, Anne. The upside was that I didn’t have to pay for parking. So, I walked my little happy-for-saving-five-dollars-ass a few blocks to the club, Old School. It’s the hip-hop club I’ve come to like in downtown Daegu since it plays the music I’m familiar with.

The SCENE @ Old School

The women were wearing their high-heels and tight clothes. The guys were fashioned in typical hip-hop attire, which is a little strange because these were mostly Korean men. Hip-hop is universal and I wasn’t shocked to see this though. However, I was intrigued to see Koreans, men and women, dancing well –B-walking, C-walking, Dougie-ing, to name a few. The girls were grinding on each other. Oh, how I wished to be a part of that. The sistas were there too. They had their corner of the club staked out. These weren’t the sistas from Compton or Long Beach. They could have been from South Africa, Kenya, or maybe even the States for all I know. It didn’t matter. Hip-hop was the only language any of us needed to know.

I grew somewhat tired of the music there. I like my westcoast rider music. When they switched to some of the lesser known songs, I decided that was the time for me to venture to another club. That being the JEEEP club. If you’re wondering if I mispelled the name, then don’t. That is the correct spelling. Maybe to avoid copyright infringement, they changed the spelling. However, I seriously doubt that any representatives from JEEP would actually care if they used their logo in this part of the world to advertise a little whole in the wall like this club.

At JEEEP, they played what sounded a lot like Eighties music. I remembered the video for Bananarama’s Cruel Summer and got into the mood. I jumped around and played along. There were noticeably fewer Koreans at this club. It didn’t make a difference. I was just looking for a good time. I recant that last statement about Koreans. It did make a difference. For instance, at Old School, I approached a Korean woman who was dancing so well that I assumed that she loved Hip-hop, Black men, etc. As soon as I did that she literally ran away from me. At JEEEP, a white girl hunted me down. So, my reception was quite different at these clubs.

I found a happy Asian girl who welcomed the chance for me to dance alongside her. That was cool. Unlike the Old School crowd, I was again warmly received. It turns out the white girl was from Florida and she’s been in Korea for eleven months, which for her seemed like an eternity. She was shocked when I told her that I been in Korea since March . . . . of 2007.

I imagine my encounter with her could have gone very well/differently. I imagine that I could have kissed her immediately and she would have gone with the flow. She was on me like white on rice so maybe my assumption was correct in this case. I had a great time at JEEEP. There were some beautiful South African women dancing in a corner there. I learned that they were from South Africa because I asked them. I left JEEEP around the same time they left. I was thirsty and grabbed a bottle of tea from a local convenience store.

I planned my next move, which was to return to Old School. Some of the same faces were there. There were fewer people there the second time I went there. Attractive Korean women were still grinding on each other. I wasn’t privy to this form of involvement and neither were any of the other men at the club. The most attractive of them all would take a break from time to time to check her cellphone messages. Then she’d return to grinding on her friends. She’d move around the club bopping to the music while staying in her own little world.

Hours passed and I left the club scene to return to my car. On the way back, I stopped at the 24 hour McDonald’s to grab some french fries. I ran into some girls who worked at the casino I frequented in the past. They were excited to see me. “Remember me?” one of the girls said. She said: “You won when I was your dealer.”  I told her that I liked her, but not the casino. I’d lost too much money there.

Figuring that somehow she was going to be my good luck charm, I broke my casino fast. I’d been staying away since over the past several weeks of going there, I’d lost every time. I tried to talk myself out of going, but that was a really short conversation if it even took place.

I arrived at the casino and took a seat. I recall the guys who were at the table with me pleading with me to sit where some other guy had been sitting. Apparently, they did not like the way he played. They wanted him to leave. They said he was making some really bad decisions. I took his seat. I was the table’s anchor. I did well. I did very well. I started with about thirty dollars and quickly turned it into one-hundred thirty dollars. I figured at that point that blackjack was too risky a game for me to play. I thought that Texas Hold’em was better. After all, instead of losing my real cash, I’d been practicing at home on my computer. I lasted a good thirty minutes. I folded bad hands and didn’t let the other guy sucker me. However, I was being so frugal that I folded on what would have been two winning hands. Yet I would have had to bet before the flop in order to secure a victory. Who would have done that?

Then came what I thought was a great hand — Ace, 10, suited. I figured that this would be the hand that would make me move up. Instead of folding like the couple of times I had done so in the past, I went all-in. Fortunately for me, most of the players began to fold and it looked like I was going to take home the pot. There was one player — a woman — who didn’t fold. Instead, she raised. I thought to myself: “how foolish of her. Doesn’t she know this is my turn to win!” It wasn’t my turn to win however. She had pocket Aces. Even though one ace came out on the flop, she had three of a kind. I couldn’t beat that whatsoever.

I took my defeated self back to the blackjack table where more damage was done. When I finally decided that my night was finally over I had returned to my apartment to watch the last 30 minutes of 21 Jumpstreet. The Cameo by Johnny Depp and Peter De Luis was awesome. It was a very funny movie too. Now I’m writing this at a time when I need to hit the hay before my noon appointment.

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