Numbers Spook Me

I have this thing I do. I have noticed it ever since my birthday last year. Perhaps it occurred in the past but it was less noticeable. These days I see it happening often. I check my watch at 10:09. I see the price of goods marked 10.99. I bought a meal and my total arrived at 10.09. Today was no different. An old homeless woman stopped just before passing me. She said: “what time is it?” I replied it is 9:37. I thought little of it at the time. Then while running the day’s events back before heading to sleep I thought about how odd it felt to be asked by that homeless woman the time. The fact that the numbers 7 and 3 when added make 10 adds to the spooky nature of that encounter. What with my fixation on the numbers 10 and 9 I wish that encounter seemed more random and less mystical. Couldn’t she have asked me a minute before or after? Then I would not have even pondered this occurrence. Alas here I am freaked out a little by the frequency that I make these connections. Anywho… Just thought I would share this with you. 

Added April 23, 2016

Prince is dead. I am deeply saddened, but also angry. I have a distinct memory of being in San Diego at my auntie Cissie’s home where sometime around the Fourth of July I found myself in front of a TV on which Under The Cherry Moon was playing. That can’t be right because it was released in July. Why would it have been on TV? Well, after searching for information about this movie I came across this information and was surprised to learn how much this movie brought in at the Box Office.

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