Now And Later? — When Should I Renew My Passport?

The time is quickly approaching for me to renew my passport again. I have had this, my second passport, since 2014, and at that time, I had no idea that after just four years I would need a new one. Also, at that time, I read somewhere that it is better to get a business passport with 54 pages than a regular passport with only 25 pages. I followed that suggestion and I am glad I did. I paid extra for the business passport, but I did not have to interrupt my travels to apply for a new passport until now. Since I only have a couple of empty passport pages I think it prudent of me to renew now rather than later. What do you think?

Check it out…

For starters, the cover art has faded and the edges are frayed a bit.

Next, although I have made the decision to get a new passport, I wonder if it is necessary at this time. For instance, my pages are not completely stamped. Should I wait or demand that future stamps be placed where there is still room? In that case, I wonder why passport officials opted to stamp certain pages and not others. They seemed to take a haphazard approach to their job. Or perhaps there is an underlying reason I am ignorant of?

Furthermore, even though some pages are covered in stamps, others are not.

Finally, if I travel to countries that require full page visas such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt, Cambodia, or Vietnam, for instance, I will most certainly need a new passport.

Here’s my passport stamp from Cuba, which I am proud of.

After counting the sheets in my passport, I have eight pages on which I can add stamps — two of which are blank. So it is not an immediate requirement, but I would rather be safe than sorry. If nothing else, I would like a clean passport to start my journeys fresh.

In particular, after procuring my new passport, and before I set out on any journey I wish to obtain two 10-year visas — one for China and the other for India. Thereafter, I will feel free to fill my new passport with stamps and visas anew.