Nipsey Hu$$le: The Theories

Why was Nipsey killed?

1. Eric Holder was jealous of Nipsey Hussle’s success. Some accounts stated that Nipsey brushed Holder off when he approached him to ask for help with his music. Still other accounts say that Nipsey brushed Holder off because Holder is a well known police informant and disgraced Crip gang member. After taking offense to being denied help, Holder returned to exact deadly vengeance. Other reports stated that Holder was suffering from mental issues. This is a believable explanation because like Nipsey, Holder was described as a “shooter” which means he was willing to use his firearm.

2. The US government agents hired Eric Holder to assassinate Nipsey. This explanation seems less plausible after stating that Holder may have been suffering from mental illness. That is, if Holder suffers from mental illness, then claiming that the IS government hired him to kill Nipsey could be seen as delusions of grandeur. Nevertheless, Holder reportedly claimed that the US government offered to pay him $75,000 for the murder. Holder is being represented by star attorney, Christopher Darden, which substantiates Holder’s claim that a powerful organization is behind Nipsey’s murder. After all, who else is responsible for paying to have Darden represent Holder?

3. COINTELPRO, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Program, which was established by J. Edgar Hoover sought to destroy any Black Messiah figure that could “unify and electrify the Black Militant Movement, may still exist and may have identified Nipsey as a potential Black Messiah. However, this theory falls apart when the prospect that Nipsey’s murder has made him more influential in death, as a martyr, is introduced. This same theory is reinforced, however, by the documented deaths of individuals who were identified as Black Messiah figures including Black Panther Fred Hampton, and Martin Luther King Jr were assassinated without regard to their potential martyrdom.