Nipsey Hu$$le: The Theories

Why was Nipsey killed?

1. Eric Holder was jealous of Nipsey Hussle’s success. Some accounts stated that Nipsey brushed Holder off when he approached him to ask for help with his music. Still other accounts say that Nipsey brushed Holder off because Holder is a well known police informant and disgraced Crip gang member. After taking offense to being denied help, Holder returned to exact deadly vengeance.

2. US government agents paid Eric Holder to assassinate Nipsey. This explanation seems less plausible after stating that Holder may have been suffering from mental illness. That is, if Holder suffers from mental illness, why would the US government trust him to carry out the murder? Rumor has it that Holder was offered $75,000 for the murder.

3. COINTELPRO, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Program, which was established by J. Edgar Hoover is still active and its agents acted through Eric Holder to kill Nipsey.  COINTELPRO documents state that its mission includes hindering the rise of a Black Messiah figure that could “unify and electrify the Black Militant Movement.” Nipsey was clearly a Black Messiah figure — one who unified and electrified Black people internationally. However, this theory falls apart when Nipsey’s martyrdom is considered. That is, in death Nipsey is a greater figure than he was during his life. If the FBI wanted to qual any Black uprising, perhaps they would not have played any role in Nipsey’s murder.