My Mom Remembers Her Sister, My Aunt


I have been watching many videos of my sister, Flo Jo, on Facebook tonight. Watching them makes me feel her presence.

I recall the good times with her. When she was alive, I could not watch her run on t.v. I was instead of watching her, running through the house screaming. I was asking what the results were, as I could not stomach the unknown. I remember her as a baby running through the house.

My older brother, Weldon and I were always asking each other after feeling the wind generated by her presence. Who was that? We always answered each other by saying, “That was Lightening!” We nicknamed her Lightening because she was a powerful runner as a youngster.

It always angered me hearing people speak of her run being wind-aided. Well, looking at those runs tonight made me ask, “why aren’t the others affected by the wind as much as her if the wind was given the credit? I answered my own question when I realized that the preparation and dedication that she applied to her craft gave her the necessary strength needed to perform as such.

Additionally, Al Joyner was the one that gave her the support she had been needing all the time. He was there for her. When she wanted to go to the gym to work out or go running, Al was there. None of the others were there for her as much as Al was.

It has been nice to reminisce about my sister. We miss her so much. It is wonderful to see my niece fulfilling my sister’s wishes for her daughter to be a singer. It is as if God is still providing that wind to fulfill her wishes in the manifestations of a beautiful voice.

-Written by Kathleen E. Wiggs

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