Movies @ Home

It’s 4:55am on Thursday morning. I’m watching Precious: Based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire.

While in South Korea, I’ve been able to download movies via iTunes and also watch them at It’s cheaper than going to the movie theater and sometimes the movies are free.

At, movies are free. I watched Book of Eli, Skerlock Holmes, The Education, and others for free at that site. Were I in Los Angeles, at home, the internet signal would have been too weak for me to watch these movies via the computer. For that reason, I’m thankful that I live in Korea.

The Academy Awards took place over the past week or so and the verdict is in, The Hurt Locker is the best picture. I watched it last night and was thoroughly entertained. The movie highlifhted some interesting experiences all of which are alien to me, but the human aspect of the stories and the lives of the soldiers was compelling. It was the same with Precious. The humanity of these films shine through.

Luckily, my laptop is new and operates at a high level, so I am able to watch movies without being interrupted to wait for buffering, or some other problem. Downloading is pretty quick as well.

I’m going back to watching Precious now. It’s 5:05am and I have a Korean language course that begins at 8am. I returned home from work around 6pm yesterday and fell asleep at 8pm. I then woke around 2am. I’ve had plenty of rest and will begin teaching classes at 12noon on Thursday. I will have plenty of time to get some rest and eat before my classes on Thursday.

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