Here’s a picture of the only MERS I knew before this whole Korean scare started. MURS is a Los Angeles based rapper with whom I attended high school. Small world. MERS is the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome — a newly discovered disease that has threatened the health of South Koreans while taking the lives of 16 as of the date this entry was edited (June 17th).

Irrespective of the threat this disease poses real or imagined, all is well in the land of the morning calm for me. Noticeably, more people are sporting surgical masks than ever though. I wonder how effective these masks truly are in the face of this disease. Unforunately, doctors know little about MERS.


Anywho, today I visited the headquarters of Won Buddhism. The monks rang the bell while I ate lunch — a true sign of the auspicious nature of my visit.

In other news, the MERS scare is just that –a scare. I heard a report that some people were trying to profit from the heightened level of fear and were arrested. Shameful.


As for those who lost their lives, lets give them a moment of silence.


Wash your hands. Use the vampire cough method. Most important, live your life without fear.

Have a nice life!

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