Lovely Day

My 36th birthday passed on the ninth day of the tenth month. The frequency with which I encountered the numbers ten and nine seemed to be heightened ahead of this day. I saw it in my ferry ticket, train seat assignments, glances at a clock, etc. Looking back, I am in a space where I have enough time to myself that my mind is open, unencumbered by doubts and anxiety. So I notice these little things and I ascribe meaning to them. I am confident. Perhaps this comes with maturity. More coincidences include my recent trip to Perú that has inspired me to take a long trip from Perú to Bolivia.  Ché Guevara made a similar trip around South America in his youth. I bring him up because he was killed on the ninth day of the tenth month. In Korea, this is also the day on which the Korean language is celebrated. It’s a national holiday. Harmony. I enjoy being in Korea because my birthday is also an official day off from work. Lastly, today is the day on which The Game released the Documentary 2. When he released his debut album I was working for Axium international in 2005. I had a car, a good job, and I was on the verge of graduating from college. These days I don’t have that car, but my mode of transportation is either a plane, train, subway or bus. I would not say this is a downgrade though. The Game’s album is true hip-hop that incorporates vintage soul, r&b, jazz, and of course classic hip-hop. From the first listen I know this isa classic.  Thank you for all the birthday messages! As messages rolled in I was never lonely even though I was alone for much of the day. That made it lovely.

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