Lads of Lalibela

Today is a Monday and I am in the historic city of Lalibela. After my tour ended I returned to my hotel to get refreshed. A short time later I set out to see the city on my own.

Immediately after I exited my hotel I was accosted by four boys who wanted to walk and talk with me. It was their intention to practice their English with me. These young dudes showed me a few local gems that were hidden including a traditional Tej restaurant, a local bar, and a white honey merchant. They even pointed out where the local jail is situated.

As I learned they are students and shine shoes to earn money. They are very familiar with their small town even if they are unwelcomed at some places due to their age. As we walked together back to my hotel we happened upon a different group of younger boys playing pick-up soccer under the streetlight. Delighted by the interest I showed in them they enthusiastically and quickly posed for a photo. They all crowded around me to look at the photo on my smartphone. Then once satisfied with the image they resumed their game of football.

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