The title is misleading, but I did return to Los Angeles from Las Vegas. Misleading because I did not travel by plane, but by car.

On the way I saw hot air balloons, and one of the most expensive gas signs in the city. There was also that sewer drain that purportedly sends water to the ocean if any can find its way into the drain. That’s L.A. for yah! Noticeably there is less water in the state these days. I passed what had to have once been an aqueduct. It was bone dry. Also, warnings suggest that Californians limit their use of water. When will Californians fight over water? That may happen sooner than we would all like.

Lastly, there are all the Korean signs suggesting the presence of none other than Koreans. I passed through the city noticing these signs. I was born in Los Angeles. Growing up in L.A. I was always close to the Korean community — in the classroom, at the dojang, at the convenience store. Unlike when I was much younger, those signs written in Korean seem less foreign and more welcoming these days. That’s because I can read those signs. But, these days L.A. feels less like my home and more like another spot on the map I have visited. Cali is special for the weather,  weed, and women. Kendrick and Dre taught us that. I must cherish the other aspects of life in L.A. these days — family, and familiarity. Those are both changing rapidly though. I’m an uncle of two girls who are growing up so fast. Also, the city is developing so rapidly in some areas that it is unrecognizable.

Regardless of how things change I remain committed to my international lifestyle. The vacation time is much appreciated though as it allows me to retrace my steps here in L.A. and also embrace those people and things I enjoy about life here.

I began writing this blog post at the Google Starbucks in Culver City where one year ago I underwent a Skype interview for a teaching position in Iksan, Korea. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Iksan is Culver City’s sister city. Ciao!

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  1. I admire your journey. I can only imagine what it’s like looking at America from the perspective of one being from here but no longer being of here. Peace and blessings to you always!

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