Kindness in A Foreign Land

I was alone in Tokyo. I ventured into a Jazz lounge where a curious young Japanese woman inquired about me. Machiko offered to help me find my way back to Narita airport which she assured me was a bit difficult for first timers to Japan. It wasn’t that difficult, after all, I had made my way to Tokyo from Narita in the first place. However, I was eager to share my journey back to Narita airport with my new friend. She also offered to spend the day with me before I went to the airport to catch my flight. I enjoyed this time with Machiko and also appreciated her assistance when we ordered food or when I wanted to ask a question. Machiko speaks English and Japanese as you may have already assumed. All in all, it was a great day and I will never forget Machiko. She told me that she’d been to other countries and found that people were welcoming and helpful so she took the chance to pay it forward with me.