With the week before grades due to myself — since they are done — I decided to fly south to visit my friend, Yunhee. She and I met in 2010 and I last visited her two years ago.

Yunhee is the sole proprietor of the ‘Tom Tom’ curry restaurant on the eastern part of the island. Her friends include local guesthouse owners, other restauranteers. Yunhee took excellent care of me on my past visits, introducing me to her friends and arranging my stay with one of them. This visit was no exception.

For starters I slept at her friend’s quaint guesthouse. Clean. Nicely decorated. Extremely comfortable.

Since I arrived on the eve of Yunhee’s day off I was in luck because she was free to host me on my visit. I was cautious not to request that she meet my demands instead I just tagged along with her on her day off which she did not seem to mind. Her day began with horseback riding. There after, we ate brunch at a local eatery. The average wait for customers there is 2 hours. Since she is a local celebrity of sorts we were immediately ushered to a table upon our arrival. 대박! (pronounced ‘day-bach’ meaning awesome)

We snorkeled and had an early dinner of Thai food.

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