Fukuoka: Stamp #4

When I picked up my new passport at the federal building in Westwood, I reveled in what the words ascribed across the accompanying pamphlet meant to me. It read something to the effect ‘a passport is a ticket to the world’. Those words are poignant and I have taken them to be my guiding philosophy this year. Thus far I have had my passport stamped in four countries. Japan’s is the latest stamp I received.

How did I even purchase a ticket to Japan via a Korean website without an English (translation) option? I guess my Korean skills aren’t that bad.

In hindsight, purchasing the ticket was a Herculean task.

To complicate matters my attention was occupied by my colleagues, and friend all of whom I talked with while making my reservation via the Internet. With the headphones that were plugged into my cellphone covering my ears, I managed to listen to my friend on the other end of the phone and sporadically pick up the conversation in the office going on around me. Meanwhile, my fingers tapped at the keyboard as I did my best to decipher much of the Korean script. Talk about multitasking.

The problem was I forgot to write down my username and password to the website. I’m usually very good at remembering to do things like this. Not having done so later prevented me from entering the website to check my reservation. That is how I ended up arriving to the ferry terminal five hours early!

I thought I made a reservation for the 8:30am ferry. No! It was the noon one. I was surprised when the attendant informed me that I could not check in until 10:30 am. I just had to trust her. I did not have any means of checking the reservation without my username and password. To make matters worse I had not received a conformation email with the details of the trip so I could not refer to that. I worried that she bumped me from the earlier ferry for some unknown reason. All worries aside I just accepted that I made a mistake. Barring my departure fiasco everything else was taken care of so much so that I had little to worry about once I arrived in Japan.

I stayed with an AirBnB host. I double checked my AirBnB reservation information unlike my ferry reservation.

My itinerary included a whole lot of nothing which I was completely fine with.

I hit Club X around 11pm on Saturday night. I also wanted to find my favorite little noodles restaurant, Niko Niko Udon, visit Goodie’s R&B bar to relax and finally just simply bask in the glory of being in Japan. Mission accomplished.

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