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IMG_0580.JPGI had a wonderful time teaching trainees in Peru. In January and February, during Korea’s winter season, I hope to return to Peru to visit the many students I met during my time instructing trainees at Punta Hermosa. Those teachers came from various cities in Peru (Iquitos, Arequipa, Puno, Ancash, among others). They worked hard and played hard too. My time with them was that much more memorable because everyone was very warm and welcoming.

It’s been over a week since I returned from Peru, but the memories are not dull. Heck we took so many photos it’s difficult for them to lose clarity. Today I got word that my teacher trainees received the results from the test I helped prepare them for. I hope everyone passed with flying colors.

While back in Korea, during our first class I had my students ask questions to learn about each other. The Conversations Icebreaker gave the students a chance to learn about each other. There were 14 men in our class whose eyes are brown. The longest journey anybody took to get there was about twenty hours. Painting is the most unusual hobby. The weirdest thing anyone in this class has eaten is insects. Sure there were others such as elephant ears, Rockey Mountain Oysters (me), and monkeys. Probably the least unusual thing anybody in this class has eaten is Pad Thai, but somebody thought it was unusual. Finally, the most embarrassing experience occurred today when one of my students mistook me for a female teacher. She thought my name ‘Larry’ (written 래리 in Korean) was a woman’s name. It wasn’t embarrassing for me, but for my student it was.

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