International Ripoffs — The Philippines & Turkey


To date, I have traveled to six Asian countries and the islands of Jeju and Taiwan. In this edition of International Ripoffs I will retell my experiences in China, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. It got real in all those countries.

The Set Ups

China — a helpful man approaches the mark and offers to explain how traveling in China works. At the end of his spiel and after his offered the mark assistance he waits for his tip. He was never just a helpful man, but actually a con man.

The Philippines — Taxi drivers used counterfeit currency to give change to unsuspecting marks. Child pickpockets roam the streets in order to find their marks. Those children slip their hands into the marks pockets, snatch their wallets and run.

Sri Lanka — Tuk Tuk drivers attempt to pursuade male tourists to visit select massage parlors where women are waiting to have sex. The women are prostitutes and will steal every last dime he has in his wallet when they are alone together.

Turkey — There are clubs where young women will sit and offer a man company. These women as that the man buy her drinks. After a night of drinking, the man will be presented with an exorbitant bill.

Scams in the Philippines