Iksan, Seoul, Gwangju


Saturday’s adventure began in the early morning when my colleague, Herbert, and I left WonKwang university bound for Seoul. Upon our arrival to Seoul’s Gonkuk university we parted ways and I rode the subway to Gangnam station. Alone, I had breakfast at Butterfingers and coffee at Marley’s. Later, I ate Indian cuisine for lunch in Apgujeong.



Throughout the day, I sent and received messages from my Guam buddy AJ who I thought would be arriving and would need my help guiding him around the city. He has been in Bacalor, India where due to poor internet connectivity we haven’t been able to finalize next week’s Seoul adventure plans. This was supposed to be a fun weekend even though my initial plan to travel with a different group of colleagues to Jinhae City to observe the cherry blossoms fell through. Due to the popularity of the cherry blossom festival and my inability to quickly decide whether to go on the trip partly due to AJ’s expected arrival, I was wait listed. Since AJ did not arrive on Saturday I was left to build an adventurous weekend for myself. Not one to turn away from a challenge I set out to make this a memorable city tour.


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  1. sh says:

    Hi, my name is Sh, I’d graduated wku in 2017.
    I’m looking for my professor hervert’s contact.
    He was my best english teacher ever.
    Do you have any contact with him?
    After graduate university, I’m leaving korea for studied aboard one year, at that time we keep in touch but last year my phone had a problem contact book was deleted i lost his kakao id lol Could you help me contact with him? he met my sister and mother before when i was in hospital. probably he remember me
    thank you for your posting, I found his name on this site I was so excited !

  2. lacalaw2 says:

    Hi, how are you? Yes, I can help you find him.

  3. lacalaw2 says:

    Hi, what is your email address?

  4. Anonymous says:


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