Ibn Battuta Mall

Who was Ibn Battuta?

Born in Tangiers, Morocco in 1304, Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan scholar, traveled the world including Africa, Asia, and Europe. Ibn Battuta like Marco Polo, Vasco De Gama, Hernan Cortez, and Christopher Columbus was an explorer. Unlike those men mentioned, Ibn Battuta was not a colonizer or invader. Where ever he went, he found Islam, wives, and adventure. His life was eventful. In Dubai, there is a huge mall dedicated to his life and adventures aptly named the Ibn Battuta Mall.

First Stop — Jamaica Blue Café

Upon entering the Ibn Battuta Mall I set my sights on having a cup of Joe. I passed the Jamaica Blue cafe then turned around as I realized I was wearing my Bob Marley “spirit” t-shirt. Enough said. I had a cup of Blue Mountain coffee and a boring bowl of potato soup. The soup looked better in the picture on the menu.

Walking Through The Mall

I then walked about the mall learning how to best use my new gimbal gadget for making videos. In hyperspeed it seems best to film words for at least one minute to capture the best possible image.

Light Lunch @Soy Chinese

I ordered Jasmine tea and Shu Mai dumplings. It was tasty and light.

What did I notice in Dubai?

In addition to the many Indian workers, a lot of the service workers are Filipino. From the service attendant at the gas station to the people taking my order at the cafés, they were all from the Philippines. How do I know? There’a the abundance of utterances of the title “sir” and particular intonation distinct to Tagalog speakers that is unmistakable. Plus, after I say “Salamat-po” they usually begin to smile – a clear indication that our interaction ended well.