I Hate Flying

I hate flying. But that didn’t stop me from boarding a plane in Seoul. It was the winter of 2011 and I hadn’t seen my family in ten months. Luckily, I had the kind of job that allowed me to enjoy a two month vacation. It was my choice to travel. I could have chosen to stay in Korea and work, but I did not. I simply needed a change of scenery. Also, being closer to my family was important.

That plane stopped in Beijing on my way to Los Angeles.  It was my first time in China. Although I only saw China from the sky, and the inside of the airport, I do remember the great many red signs that covered the buildings.

In Los Angeles, after gathering my bag from the baggage claim, I waited for my mom and dad. I had spent the five minutes before they arrived wondering if I needed to pay for a taxi.  Thankfully they hadn’t forgotten that their son arrived that night. When they entered, I felt relief. We embraced.

The following day was Christmas Eve. My sister, brother-in-law, cousin and her husband, nieces, and my cousins’ son, went to Disneyland. It’s part of their annual tradition. This was my second time partaking in the fun.

My family and I went to Las Vegas after Christmas. We brought in the New Year, 2012, by sleeping through all the celebrations. We’re all too old for partying. I guess. I, for one, certainly was too tired to run the streets. A few days later and everyone had to return to Los Angeles. I, however, stayed in Vegas. I spent most of my time thereafter with my grandfather.  I cherish the time that I have to spend with him for obvious reasons.

I flew between Las Vegas and Los Angeles a couple of times. Each time I returned because I tried to drum up some work for myself. Finally, my grandfather called and  told me that I had a job waiting for me in Vegas. Great news!

Earlier this week, on Sunday,  I went to the Hammer Museum to see the Now Dig This! exhibit. I dug it. It was the last day of the exhibit too.  Then, I went to see the play Clybourne Park on Friday night. The audience was mostly white. The subject matter of the play heavily revolved around ethnic notions. On Sunday, I returned to the Music Theatre Group in downtown Los Angeles to see Fela! – the musical about the life of Nigerian Afro-beat artist, Fela Kuti. The night was full of music and energy. The audience at this show was much more diverse. The audience was encouraged to stand, clap, and sing along throughout the performance. It was electric.

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