How about Them Apples?

The Chuseok holiday ended on Monday, but the fun didn’t stop. Last week I met a friend and spent time with her on my day off. We sang Karaoke, and she showed me around downtown. We hung out all night downtown. Finally, she and I went to a restaurant where we ate curdled blood soup. It sounds much worst than it actually tastes. On Friday, the regular GEC meeting was cancelled to give everyone a chance to enjoy the long vacation. I planned to meet a friend and take her to Pohang since I was so familiar with that city after living there for two years. That was the Guryongpo trip I talked about in the previous post. I received a large box of apples for the Chuseok holiday. Instead of keeping those apples, I gave them to my Korean friend. Every member of our staff received those apples. It was funny to think that with so many apples each staff member would make apple juice, apple cider, apples pies, apple struddle, etc. By weeks end we would all be very tired of apples all together.

The events of the past few days are a blur. I’d need to consult my other friend in order to sort out the details.

I recall Wednesday night and Thursday since they are the most current in my memory. I spent those days with my new friend.

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