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Over a week ago my sister and her family visited me. We spent some time together in Korea and then Japan.

I had decided before their arrival to end my adventure in Korea and return home with them.

And now we are all in Los Angeles.

I have been adjusting to my temporary living arrangements, i.e., back at home with mom and dad, as well as getting reacquainting with the food options I have available. Oh how I’ve missed good Mexican food. The Del Burrito restaurant in Iksan just doesn’t cut it when you know what excellent authentic Mexican food should taste like.

Instead of traveling to South America where I would love to re-visit, and which my budget will not allow, I must settle for vicariously traveling to far off lands via my palette. To that end, I have decided to visit a variety of restaurants a la Anthony Bourdain while in my native, Los Angeles.

Appetizers — For starters, this morning I Ubered to a familiar haunt of mine, the Overland Cafe, where I enjoyed Huevos Divorciados. The dish was simple and actually a little underwhelming. After spending $15 on the dish I decided I would be more careful selecting dishes and also choose dishes with ingredients that are not readily available in my parent’s fridge.


I moved on to Roy Choi’s brick and mortar taqueria, Kogi, which was just a block down the street from the Overland Cafe. There I finally got a chance to try a much lauded Mexican-Korean taco Choi created and made famous a few years back. I may be late, but good taste was right there waiting for me. Delicious!

Main Entree — Tonight I had a taste for Choi’s tacos, but after considering the distance I would have to travel and the cost I would incur Ubering there I opted to use the ingredients at home and make my own Mexican food. To that end, I went to the local supermarket to pick up a few extra ingredients: avocados, black beans, cilantro (aka coriander), a bottle of rum, a white onion, and tomatoes. NOTE: The neighborhood I grew up in, Baldwin Vista, which is an enclave surrounding the famous Baldwin Hills has always been populated by mostly Blacks and Latinos for the greater part of my life.  These days, however, it seems that the 07/08 Subprime Mortgage Crisis that shook the world’s economies also created opportunities for ‘others’ to diversify their living arrangements, i.e., move into our community. In some cases, these folks are moving back into this area which as I have learned was once occupied by waves of groups. First, White Anglo Saxon Protestants. Then, Jews. Next, Japanese. Followed by, Blacks. Most recently, Latinos. Today, it’s a mix of all these groups and then some. Shopping at the local supermarket or even walking around the neighborhood isn’t what it used to be. And there isn’t really a strong fear of being shot for wearing the color blue near the ‘Jungles’ anymore. After picking up my ingredients I returned home and began to cook.

I made Enchiladas. It was my first time doing so and I have to admit it turned out quite well. Next to the black beans my guacamole was a nice addition to the plate.


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