Hollywood Sign

I wanted to add a notch to my achievement belt. Hiking to the seemingly elusive Hollywood sign would do the trick. From the front porch of my mom and dad’s home I could see the sign. It teased me. I had flown across the Pacific Ocean, but I hadn’t ventured very far in my hometown. Yesterday was perfect for changing all that. Although I set out to rise early I did not get up until around 10.

the morning view from the living room

The night before I mentioned that I wanted to hike to the sign to my mom and dad. Dad was busy, but mom was all for it. After I awoke I asked mom if she was ready, but she had plans to run a few errands. However she said we could afterwards. I drove my mom around the city as we ran her errands and around 1pm we were off to the Hollywood hills.

the view of Los Angeles from behind the Hollywood Sign


mother and son atop the mountains overlooking LA


my mom’s profile


love locks


a moment to meditate


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