God References

Here is an article about religious references in Kendrick Lamar’s music.

“Guess it’s evidence of divine presence”

-Victory Lap

“The world would not know Jesus Christ, if there was never Judas/ This knife that’s in my back’ll be the truth that introduced us.”

– Bigger Than Life

“I ain’t worried ’bout it, cus I know God got me, got me, got me, yeah I know God got me, got me, See I ain’t worried about it, cuz I know God got me”

– Bigger Than Life

“You could walk on water, just don’t look at your feet …. I ain’t no Christian, ain’t no Catholic, but I believe God gonna shine his light on everyone and never ask shit”

– Who Detached Us

“Keep God first though”

– Young N*ggas

“Pressure on your shoulder, how you gon’ deal with it?”

– Young N*ggas

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