Friday Night, 2012

On Friday I went downtown to enjoy the evening with some friends. I was spotted by a photographer and he took a few photos of me. It’s for a spread about foreigners who live in Korea. He said it was for a college publication.

It was a nice way to welcome the following week — Midterm’s Week. I’ve been spending  more time downtown, which is rewarding in some ways. The hot spots in downtown Daegu have been Julliard’s, Thursday Party, Old School, and JEEEP. In these photos, I was standing around the corner from the clubs and bars I just mentioned. I’m in front of a “alcohol stop shop”. You stop here and just order a drink. You can stay and enjoy your drink or you can keep moving to your next destination.

Actually, as this photo was being taken I was waiting for a friend. I’d already eaten dinner at a nice cafe that displayed art reproductions of Jean Michel-Basquiat’s works. It was a delight to see.

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