Four More Years

I had filled out my absentee ballot over a month ago. With each passing hour Election Day was approaching. I’d intermittently check how the campaigns were progressing via CNN, BBC, Yahoo! and other media outlets. Preceding the election, I was optimistic because many political analysts said that Mitt Romney would have a difficult time winning. One reason being he’d been quoted as saying that he didn’t care for 47% of Americans. This comment had damning effects on his campaign. President Obama ended one of the presidential debates by mentioning this comment in his concluding statement. That night, Obama was the clear winner. However, Romney’s confidence still was intact throughout his campaign. He was also quoted on Election Day as saying “I’ve written a victory speech.” Although, I was hopeful that Americans would reelect President Obama, I felt insecure. Maybe Romney had a stronger hold on America. Maybe he knew something about America that we didn’t. Luckily, he was wrong. Obama was victorious. Four more years!

On the day of the election, I woke in my two-bedroom apartment in South Korea to the news that President Obama had one Electoral College vote versus Romney’s five. I was dismayed. As I prepared for work and after showering, I was delighted to learn that Obama had taken the lead. I was secure in my belief that our President would be reelected. Yet twenty minutes later, I’d arrived at school only to check the Electoral College votes to find that President Obama was trailing Romney again. The Media had reported that it would be a close race and I was prepared for this occurrence. After teaching and later dismissing my class, I quickly checked the election results as they were being reported. By that time, the tables had turned once again. Obama was leading. I was ecstatic. My cousin, Marquetta, had posted a message saying: “he won!”. This was premature celebration, I thought. President Obama still needed nineteen Electoral College votes to remain in office. Nevertheless, she was right. Moments later, the numbers came in for other states and President Obama had officially received 275 Electoral College votes. It was impossible for Romney to reach this level at that point. For me, it was truly the moment to celebrate. The roller coaster ride that was Presidential Election 2012 was over. Four more years!

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