My journey through northern Ethiopia took me to the same places Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. traveled through nearly twenty years ago.

Addis Ababa

The present day capital of Ethiopia is home to the resting place of the last emperor Haile Selassie, and where the bones of one of the oldest human ancestor, Lucy’s bones can be found.

Christian Orthodox Cathedral, Addis Ababa

Bahir Dar

Located north of Addis Ababa is the city that emperor Haile Selassie once considered to be a best option for relocating the capital of Ethiopia. Bahar is where Lake Tana, which is the source of the Nile River, is situated.

Giyorgis Church (church of St. George)


Sixteenth century castles and churches dot the landscape of this former capital of the Ethiopian Empire. Over successive years Ethiopian Royalty lived in and constructed new dwelling spaces. In total there are seven castles in Gondar that were constructed.

Castle of Emperor Susyenos


This city which was named after the king who loved eating honey, Lalibela, is home to nearly a dozen rock hewn churches commissioned by the king himself in the twelfth century. The structures are architectural marvels that beg visitors to wonder about the Herculean  effort it must have taken to carve these churches out of volcanic rock alongside the mountainside.

A church at Lalibela


Axum was the biblical kingdom led by Queen of Sheba. Today massive stellae exist as proof of the empire’s prowess.


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