Dave Chappelle Dream

I went to sleep the other day and had another dream.

I was in a living room talking to six people. I began to go into detail about my experiences in Korea. The group of people I was talking to began to grow. The initial group of six had moved from sitting on the couches in the living room to sitting on the floor. Then more people began to enter the living room. The new guests occupied the halls, couches, and all other areas they could fill. One particular guest who was sitting on the couch was none other than comedian Dave Chappelle. He’d come to hear me speak. I made the people laugh and for some time I held their interest. Then I began to notice that they began to turn their attention away from me. They no longer found me funny or interesting. I felt as if I was losing something. Dave leaned over and gave me words of encouragement. He understood.

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