Culver City

I miss living and working here. Although I did not have the time to enjoy this place the way I am today when I lived here a decade ago. If I return to America  for good this is one place I would strongly consider living. So I hit the street in search of a job in The city of Culver today. Trader Joe’s was my first target. It has a great public image — comfortable, affordable, good for the environment. The problem I face is one of focus and preparation.

As I look around Starbucks I am imagining what led these people to their current job. I think the people who have jobs spent their time focusing on their career, prepared and got the job they were ready to do. At least that is what I assume. I know that life sometimes throws us curve balls like when someone we love dies, or when we lose a job. But these people look resilient. They also look as if they haven’t had to weather too many storms, recently at least.

Taken on a slow night in January 2016


In my case, that is certainly true. About preparation and focus, that is. I went to school to become a financial analyst. I taught Tae Kwon Do years ago. Today I am an English teacher. I once ran my own business in high school. All of these experiences are diverse, i.e., they lack focus. Sure they prepared me for something, but what? Cut to — me at Starbucks looking for a job. Unlike these people that is my focus now.

If I am unsuccessful it may just be poor timing. That’s something I am learning from Michael Jordan’s biography, The Life. It was all about timing for Jordan. It may not be my time. I should probably just enjoy this two month vacation. After all, I am still employed in Korea. I just want to be productive and earn back the money I spent on travel, and overall irresponsibility while in Korea. I blame that behavior on boredom and lack of discipline.

How it looks from the inside: Starbucks

The white people dressed in suits who work in Culver City look like executives and managers. The other white people look like grips, gaffers, and PAs for the studios. T-shirts, jeans, sneakers. These are good guesses since Culver Studios is just a hop skip and jump away. There are some writers who spend their days here working on their script. The Asians and Chicanos look like nurses and medical assistants. There is a medical center just across the street. Then there are the students from UCLA and other nearby universities. It’s a diverse bunch reflected by the diverse staff at Starbucks — Black, White, Asian, Hispanic.



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